Our History

La Palapa Restaurant – A Family Tradition
In 1957 my sister, Rodelinda and her husband, Guy Dickey had a dream to open the first restaurant on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. With the help of another investor, La Palapa became their dream come true. It was the last dwelling going south and many of their friends called them “crazy” for building so far out of town.

At the time there was no bridge across the Río Cuale and to travel to this side of town, a jeep or one of the two existing taxis needed to be hired, as long as the river wasn’t too high! The original “palapa,” or “thatched roof” was designed and constructed by Guillermo Wulff and all materials were authentic and very “tropical.” Exotic drinks served in handblown glassware, live music and freshly caught seafood from the bay prepared with local ingredients and recipes were the specialties.

La Palapa has a long history of being......a favorite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

My whole family has participated at some time and in some way in the business. In 1987 La Palapa was redesigned by one of my brothers, Arq. Salvador Pérez. I am the youngest brother of the family, and many of my childhood memories are centered around La Palapa.

Continuing with the same traditions I am proud to say that La Palapa Restaurant is still in the family and thanks to your patronage, we look forward to many more years of sharing our tropical paradise with you.

Alberto Perez González